Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gays Back In Closet Whilst Justin Picks New Frock.

Prominent Homosexuals from the world of entertainment were left angst-ridden and full of turmoil  today, following remarks made by the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby that he “still supported the Church of England’s formal opposition to homosexuality”. The comments were made as the Archbishop tried on long frocks in preparation for his formal enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral later today. Well known ‘friend of Dorothy’ Graham Norton, issued a statement through the BBC declaring

“I cannot in all sincerity, carry on camping it up for comic effect and live an openly gay lifestyle whilst that poor, poor  Archbishop continues to struggle with this issue. So, although an atheist myself, what this man thinks matters greatly to me, as it should to shirt-lifters everywhere”

The sentiment was echoed by infamous gay comedian Julian Clary, when announcing he was postponing the rest of his UK tour dates as a mark of respect for the Church leader’s position…

“Well campers, what can one say? The Arch-bish has spoken and I must listen, so until further notice, it’s out with the high-heels and eyeliner and on with the…the..erm…well, whatever it is you boys wear these days. Macaroon anyone?” 

 Leonardo Da Vinci's "God Spots A Bum Bandit"  Is Beleived To Be One Of The Archbishops Favourite Paintings.


  1. Acolyte of Sagan21 March 2013 at 19:01

    Very funny, Nigel, but 'Justin' Clary? Julian, surely?
    Love the title for the da Vinci scribble, though.

  2. Julian, Justin? Oh pick, pick bloody pick Mr Sagan! As, said before, as my first fan, your credit still good!

    1. Acolyte of Sagan21 March 2013 at 21:32

      That's the downside to having a pedant as your No.1 fan, I'm afraid. We pedants even have our own group over at the Cock and Bull, UPOTWA, the United Pedants Of The World Association, who have the power to issue a POTWA - similar to a Fatwah but for serious crimes against language.
      Luckily, a slip-up on a name doesn't qualify.

  3. Ahhh, that's what Botanist was on about, a POTWA!