Thursday, 14 March 2013

Richard Dawkins Is A Fundamental Particle Say CERN

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have rocked the world of Physics and Religion, after confirming that the elusive Higgs-Boson or ‘God Particle’ not only exists but is in fact made up entirely of minusculeRichard Dawkins’.  The Higgs, or the ‘Dork’  as Physicists have now dubbed it, is believed to be the means by which particles get their mass and has been the Holy Grail of Particle Physics for decades.   However, any initial excitement felt within the scientific community has now turned to panic and confusion, as physicists and religious leaders argue over the significance and meaning of the discovery. 

The newly elected Pope Frances I, has been informed of the discovery but will not comment publicly until he stops laughing hysterically, chewing his robes and rocking backwards and forwards; this left the Vatican Press Office to issue a short statement commenting that the announcement...

Was proof, if proof were needed, that God does indeed move in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”   and that  “From the images and data we have seen, we would say it is in fact a tiny Jesus, who just happens to bear a passing resemblance to Dawkins”

As for Dawkins himself, his whereabouts are unknown. Reports he was seen kneeling in front of a full-length mirror and bowing down have been dismissed as ‘tittle-tattle’ by his agent.


  1. Acolyte of Sagan14 March 2013 at 23:57

    Excellent again, Nigel. Your blog is reading like a more surreal News Huddlines.
    I would post a link to this one at, but they're too strict on their posting policy. Unless they're relevent to the topic being discussed, the mods remove posts almost as soon as they appear.

    1. Many thanks for the thought AS! Actually I just tweeted this to RD, in hope rather than expectation of a favourable response! Someone like him with countless followers, must get zillions of tweets every day, so not likely mine would be seen, but you never know!

    2. put the JandMo site on here as "sites I like" and always re-tweet any stuff I see.

  2. It is minUscule with a 'U'